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Client t.c.



(Ga.) Client was a CDL holder who was charged with 10th lifetime DUI.  

Client was able to enroll in diversion program and still maintain CDL license with no restrictions or suspension. 


Automobile Collision

(S.C.) Client was  struck head-on by another vehicle in a hit-n-run.

Confidential Settlement after original attorney failed to pursue the claim. 

CLient k.h.

Civil Rights

"Woman Defeats Probation Company in Court"

(Ga.) Lawsuit against Sentinel Offender Monitoring Services (Sentinel), a private for-profit probation company that illegally revoked my client's probation due to a 6 year old DUI conviction that had legally expired. 

Jury returned verdict of $175,000 in damages and attorney fees in favor of my client.


Automobile Collision

(S.C.) Client was struck by a speeding vehicle. 

 Serious injuries. Case resolved for maximum policy limits before filing suit. 


Criminal Matter                  

(Ga.) Client was charged with Trafficking Heroin, which requires a mandatory-minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. 

All charges were dismissed before trial. 

DISCLAIMER: Every case is different, and previous case results do not guarantee future outcomes.  Endorsements are the unpaid opinions of colleagues and former clients as noted.