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Titus represents the PEOPLE of Georgia and South Carolina.  Learn about our various practice areas and how we fight for you to be properly compensated or fight to protect your rights. 

Personal injury

Serious injuries can occur as a result of various unfortunate situations.  You may be injured in a car wreck or on negligently maintained property.  You should not have to carry the burden of your medical expenses and repair bills when your injuries were caused by factors completely out of your control. 

Insurance companies routinely deny valid injury claims because the seriously injured person does not have a lawyer willing to fight for them.  

Our firm has obtained successful results BECAUSE we are not afraid to fight the insurance company. We fight to win. 


A DUI can happen to any person of any economic level. In Georgia and South Carolina, a DUI is serious and costly mistake. Penalties may result in the the loss of your license and your freedom. 

Unfortunately, many people do not know what their rights are in keeping their privilege to drive or even winning their case at trial. 

Your case begins and ends with an aggressive defense. 

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traffic offenses

Paying a speeding ticket = Admitting guilt.

It may result in points on your driver's license and severe increase in your insurance premiums.  Traffic laws vary between Georgia and South Carolina and they may appear to be confusing for any person with a lack of experience fighting these types of cases. 

Let our firm fight to protect your license and prevent your insurance rates from skyrocketing.